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Dionne Warwick - The Collection (LP)

Desky vzhled VG(++), England 1983 A1 I'll Never Love This Way Again A2 Heart Breaker A3 Friends In LoveA4 Deja Vu A5 No Night So Long A6 Take The Sho... celý popis
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Číslo produktu:lp2684
Kompletní specifikace

Desky vzhled VG(++), England 1983

A1 I'll Never Love This Way Again 
A2 Heart Breaker 
A3 Friends In Love
A4 Deja Vu 
A5 No Night So Long 
A6 Take The Short Way Home 
B1 All The Love In The World 
B2 A Love So Right 
B3 The Letter 
B4 Betcha By Golly Wow 
B5 Easy Love 
B6 Our Day Will Come 
Hit Record Medley (20:30)
C1 Walk On By
C2 Anyone Who Had A Heart
C3 You'll Never Get To Heaven
C4 A House Is Not A Home
C5 Message To Michael
C6 Trains And Boats And Planes
C7 The Look Of Love
C8 Close To You
C9 Do You Know The Way To San Jose
C10 Valley Of The Dolls
C11 There's Always Something There To Remind Me
C12 Make It Easy On Yourself
C13 Promises, Promises
C14 What The World Needs Now
C15 Then Came You
D1 Yours 
D2 Who, What, When, Where, Why 
D3 It's The Falling In Love 
D4 With A Touch 
D5 All The Time 
D6 What Is This

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